For Rent | OFFICE


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1610 sq m


10€ per sq m per month

Property Description:

Renovated office building in the center of Kragujevac, former DISTRICT BANK KRAGUJEVAC from 1907. The interior of the building is currently in Shell and core because the landlord wants to adjust the space to the needs of future tenants. The total area of the building is about 1.600 sq m, and consists of a basement, ground floor and three floors. Each floor has two slats so that the units can be divided. The basement is 181 sq m, the ground floor has two units: 215 sq m and 186 sq m, the first floor: 200 sq m and 215 sq m, the second floor 200 sq m and the third floor has units of 83 sq m, 190 sq m and a terrace of 140 sq m. Each floor has a pantry, kitchen and two bathrooms. The building has two entrances, the main entrance is from Kralja Petra I Street, while the other entrance is next to the public garage JKP Šumadija Parking, which provides parking for future tenants, which is important to note since the building is located in the center.