Lear Corporation, Novi Sad Serbia

Brownfield and Greenfield investments in Novi Sad


LEAR Corporation


Novi Sad, Serbia


Brownfield and Greenfield investments in Novi Sad


Brownfield – reconstruction of the existing project of 7,300 sq m
Greenfield – the development of production facility of 30,000 sq m


CBS International was instructed to find existing facility for the needs of Brownfield investment, as well as construction land for development of Greenfield investment. Also, CBS International provided project management services on reconstruction of Brownfield and on construction of Greenfield facility.

Construction Time

Brownfield: 3 months / Greenfield: 9 months

Brokerage Service

Market analysis in order to identify potential locations/developers/subcontractors for the inquiry
Collection of the offers, organizing the visits and weighing each offer against the defined criteria
Detailed comparison of commercial and technical terms of the offers
Meeting the potential developers and negotiations on behalf of the client
Identification of the location and the developer/subcontractors able to execute the project as per Lear’s requirements
Final negotiation of commercial and technical terms of the agreement and signing the contract

Project Management Services

Supervising all phases of building the production facilities from planning and design, through preparation and execution of construction, to final close-out and delivery of the project:
Assistance in defining the detailed design brief to fully meet Client requirements
Coordination of selection of Designer/Contractor
Monitoring detailed design preparations according to Client’s requests
Survey and monitor the contract of construction company
Monitor preliminary time schedule and construction progress
Manage change control, initiating and supervising all processes
Project progress reporting on a weekly level
Tracking the budget Providing quality control and on-time delivery of the Project
Coordinate and arrange all improvements to the Projects made by or at the request of Client
Execution of handover of the premise with snag list and close out of the project
Budget close out / payment tracking
Ensure and monitor contractor’s final testing training and start-up systems and Utilities
Insure Warranties, As-Builts, O&M Manuals etc. are provided to Lear
Commissioning Post-Occupancy evaluation