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Orchard with refrigerator for sale. The location of the property is in the municipality of Pećinci. The location of the property is on the local road that connects Obrež and Ogar. The location of the property is around 16 km from Pećinci, the exit to the E-70 highway is around 18 km away. Šimanovci is around 30 km away. The center of Belgrade is around 65 km away and Novi Sad is around 67 km away. The orchard was built on plots of 22 hectares, 32 acres and 71 m2. The total surface of the orchard is 20 hectares, with the fact that the first 4 hectares were planted in 2013, the next 4 hectares in 2014 and the remaining 8 hectares in 2015, and the last 4 hectares in 2017 are currently blueberries. The orchard consists of 4 varieties of apples: Golden and Red Delicious, Grammy Smith and Gala. The orchard is equipped with an anti-hail net and a drip irrigation system. The orchard is irrigated by a computerized system from its own well on the same plot. In order to provide the necessary power of electricity, a substation was built with installed power for the needs of both the orchard and the cold store. In order to complete the production program in 2016, a ULO cold store with a capacity of 1150 tons was built on the same plot. In the cold store, which is technologically equipped with the most modern equipment for storing goods, there is also modern equipment for calibrating and sorting goods. In addition to the cold store, there is also a business building of size 12mX 30m on the plot (business offices, space for mechanization, storage of materials for the needs of the orchard). Equipment and mechanization includes: machine for sorting and calibrating apples, forklift, atomizer, tractor, fruit platform, power harrow. The orchard is in full bloom and the yield is about 1000 tons per year. The owner of the legal entity is natural person. Legal entity which is selling has agricultural land in the immediate vicinity with approximate surface of around 4 ha and 45 acres, which is also selling. The asking price is 2.000.000€