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65932 sq m



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The construction land is located in Pančevo, near the Kotež settlement. Pančevo is the economic and administrative center of South Banat with about 80,000 inhabitants, about 30 km from Belgrade. Larger employers are from the petrochemical sector, the auto industry and the agricultural sector stand out in local economy. In addition to road and rail transport, Pančevo is also connected by river transport, via the Danube Port. The land in question has an area of 65,932 m2 and is registered as construction land. The seller is a legal entity, which has the right of use, and it is necessary to convert the land. Currently, the land is leased, which can be terminated after the completion of the conversion process. According to the valid information about the location, the land is intended for commercial facilities. Occupancy index from 35% to 80% and construction index 0.6. It is necessary to carry out division in order to separate the public land, as well as the development of an urban project. Also, the restrictions of the Ministry of Defense and Serbian Railways must be taken into account.